Review of Casino Mate 2020

Michael Dreher

Smooth and sophisticated, Casino Mate has been a go-to choice for casino gamers for some time now. It’s become a popular choice for those within the 11 nations who have the right to access it – and Swiss gamers can now join in. What, though, is the general verdict afforded to it here at Casino Mate? What do we think at CasinoNow?

The pros and cons of Casino Mate


  • Brilliant standard of online casino gaming – including EVERY Microgaming platform.
  • Easy to use and simple layout that maximises your ease of use as time goes on.
  • 128-bit SSL encryption ensures you have no problem in using the site.
  • Certified to be fair by eCOGRA, so you can use this site without any issue.
  • 24/7 live support provided to ensure you always have total control.
  • Easy to get your money in and out or your Casino Mate account.


  • Not many countries can actually get access to the casino.
  • Sometimes loading speeds can be a touch slower than one would desire.

General Details about Casino Mate

Having been around since 2011, there is a good chance that you have at least heard of Casino Mate. It has become a popular go-to choice for many people, especially thanks to the sheer variety of options it provides users with. Given it has one of the largest gaming collections around – including total access to the Microgaming platform – and you have no issues to worry about at all. Casino Mate is a high standard platform that, in time, could become your online casino home thanks to its detailed collection of games.

The Casino Mate User Experience

Overall, the user experience here is very good. You should have no problem using the site, with a relatively modern interface on both desktop and mobile. That should help you to keep working without much issue, and will mean that using this casino platform is easy on both desktop and mobile devices.

What about customer support?

Customer support is very good, too, with the majority of your queries handled ASAP. You get access to both e-mail and phone support (toll-free), but you can also use a 24/7 live chat service if you want to make sure that your life is as easy as possible with regards to solving issues.

Payment processing and money management

Payments are easy to process, fast to verify, and simple to get access to. You should have no problem in accessing your needed payment processing information. Most of the time, you should get everything arranged and deposited or withdrawn within a time frame of around 1 working day. Got any issues? The awesome support team will be sure to help.

Security, fairness, and ethics

Proven by eCOGRA to be a fair casino, you can trust that Casino Mate is a place that you can game without worrying about being taken advantage of. It’s been up-and-running since 2011 for a good reason!

Mobile Gaming on Casino Mate

Mobile gaming is a brilliant part of the Casino Mate platform, and it runs very well indeed. You can get 1-click Instant Play gaming on just about every game offered. This allows you to avoid eating up all of mobile device’s space by sampling and trying out new games.

Casino software available with Casino Mate

Games are offered by major platforms, but the majority of the games are Microgaming. They are a full Microgaming casino. This means that every major Microgaming title is available, so if you do enjoy some Microgaming then you will find plenty of games to log in and try out on this particular platform.

Live Dealers with Casino Mate

The live dealer games are very fair, and you will find that you can get some good quality games to pick from. The likes of blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and craps are all on offer. So, too, are the best poker games and other major specialties in local gaming.

Casino Mate Games available

Outside of the other games that you can play, the main attraction here is the outstanding quality of Microgaming games that you can look through. From major games like Immortal Romance to Thunderstruck II, you will get to see some of the biggest and best titles by Microgaming available for you to pick from here.

You will also get to pick from major big names like Loaded Slot and Throne of Egypt Slot. As such, you should have little to no issue in finding a quality series of games to test out and try when it comes to your online gaming experience here. Variety is here, but so is quality in every game – a happy mixture indeed!

Casino Mate – Conclusion

I’d have to say that out of all the online casino platforms out there that Casino Mate must be among the best. It’s rich variety of games is matched only the sheer standard of the site and its staff. If you want an easy to use online casino platform that keeps you well on the right track with regards to progress, then be sure to look at Casino Mate today. There’s a pretty big list of reasons why it’s rated among the best casinos on the market – quality, consistency, and reliability!

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Michael Dreher

Michael Dreher

Michael Dreher is a passionate lover of the casino industry, having seen the entertaining side of the gaming scene from a young age. Born in Switzerland, Michael is an English-fluent casino expert who has devoted his time and energy to understanding the industry, passing on must-have expertise to casino gamers across Switzerland and beyond.

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