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Michael Dreher
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Hello and welcome to CasinoNow Switzerland! My name is Michael Dreher. As a Swiss-born national, I’ve been lucky enough to grow up in one of the most mature nations in the world. When it comes to activities such as gambling, entertainment and personal use of our own money and time, Switzerland is a world class nation. This more mature, easy upbring has made it easy for me to fall in love with the industry and see it for the good as opposed to the negatives.

My workplace: Address Bahnhofstrasse 10 / Börsenstrasse 18, 8001, Zürich, Schweiz; Telefonnummer +43 (676) 615-7269

My social media: Twitter and LinkedIn.

As a youngster, I was drawn to the blinding charm of the casino industry. I would watch as family members and friends of family would enjoy participating in games of chance, slot machines, and games of varying skill. I believed it was the most exciting industry in the world – full of charm, wonderment, and opportunity. And while I did see many people with their head in their hands, wishing they had avoided that final hand, I’ve seen lives change for the better thanks to the casino industry. So, it would be fair to say that my earliest experience of the casino industry was a positive one – and it taught me some valuable lessons. For one, it is always important to understand the process. I have seen many ‘pros’ over the years get by on nothing but pot luck. I have also seen ‘amateurs’ with an understanding of the system they are employing win big, get good results, and make the most of the built-in features found in modern online casinos. I loved the industry from a young age, and found it hard to switch off from that rollercoaster effect. So, when I finally reached the age where I could legally participate in the fun I had watched adults use all my life, I dove in!

Feeling the flutter in my heart: A little about me

“Nobody has ever bet enough on a winning horse.”

Have you ever heard the above quote before? To me, it was a magical quote – something that reached me from a young age. It made me think about life, about chance, and about opportunity. And even today, as I work in the biggest game of chance in the world, I still appreciate its value.

You know yourself what it is like when you see two of the same symbol pop up. The wait for the third to come along is palpable. Soon, it feels like time freezes – the only thing that seems to be getting faster is the pulse. I have been here many times, whether playing my favourite casino game, craps, or participating in major new releases tied to Hollywood cinema and popular tropes of the day.

I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by loving friends and family for all of my adult life. At the moment, I am proud to say that I am married, which provides immense satisfaction on a daily basis. It is my family and my love of my profession that makes me who I am: someone who cares, who is honest, who does not hold back when home truths are required, and someone who loves to co-operate with others. Sharing joy with others is my passion in life, something that I can never stop doing, enjoying, or taking part in. For me, that ability to share my joy with others is truly intoxicating!

Casino Barrière de Montreux Lake

My professional history has seen me rise from attending EU Business School (Montreux) and this helped me to use my academic skills to further my path into this profession. As the resident expert for CasinoNow Switzerland, it is my passion for the industry paired with my natural love of numbers and games of chance that made this, for me, the dream position to be in. From slot machines hitting the jackpot and leaping into the air like a basketball player with excitement, to being too ambitious in a game of cards, I know the highs and the lows of casino gaming. I know what can come with the territory, as well as how it can leave you feeling. So, if you are looking for a casino expert who isn’t just an analytical mind but has been there with you on the web and at tables, you are in the right place. Many people get into the gambling and casino industry because they see it as a way to make a living. For me, it was a calling early in life. I just want to share my love and passion with casino gaming with you. Whether it’s to help you land more big wins, make use of free spins and promotions, or just to give you the chance to get to know me before we meet in person, I hope you find this intriguing!

My Mission

Really, my mission is quote simple – to help you see the world of casino gaming through my eyes. I want to give you useful information and tips that not only come from the heart but also come from my expertise and knowledge. I want to share with you the good and the bad of the industry so that you can avoid the pitfalls I suffered in early life. From getting caught up in ‘free promotions’ to not reading the terms on wagering right, I am here to offer you something that will:

  • Make you think before you dive in to any casino or game on the market.
  • Improve your knowledge of the wider industry and what to look out for.
  • Open your eyes to the reality of ‘free deals’ and ‘free promotions’ in the industry.
  • Ensure you find it easier to stay focused on your aim instead of relying on luck.
  • Help you to appreciate the enjoy that comes from casino gaming empowered by knowledge.

My Role

My role at CasinoNow is quite simple – I am here to use my passion, knowledge, and expertise. My role is to make sure that I use all my years of academic education and time spent in casinos and online to help you. To help you find the right casino game for you, the best casino for you, and the correct games to play based on your personal interests. I want you to enjoy casino gaming as much as I have from a young age, and to do that I have to use my expertise. I’ve stood there as jackpots rain down from the slots. I have hollered with delight at jackpot wins, and stood with my head in my hands at one nudge too many. I know how it feels to succeed and to fail: I am not here to tell you I am a god of gambling. What I am here to do is show you the best way to play, the most satisfying ways to have fun, and the ideal way to really make your next casino gaming experience feel just right. I know that casino gaming can seem daunting, but you have nothing to worry about. As the famous character Cara Bertoia says in Cruise Quarters, “It’s hard to walk away from a winning streak, even harder to leave the table when you’re on a losing one.” Let me help you work out when it’s a good time to twist, and when it’s not a good time to twist.